Testimonials, Tom Pandola & Jim Bird

Tom invested in me and spent countless hours of time and energy to grow and mentor a leadership style that promotes mentorship of others, performance improvement from job satisfaction, a work environment built on honesty, mutual respect and trust. This rapport had a real impact at our base and resulted in strong trusting relationship between employees and leadership.

Daniel Miller, RN, BSN, CCRN, CFRN

Jim demonstrated unparalleled innovation in developing systems that continuously improved various operations in our business industry. His leadership contributed in discovering new methods for risk-management, analyses of problems and developing solutions that were instrumental in many of our company’s successes. His contributions were directly responsible for annual extraordinary increases in incremental revenue and profits.

Gary Worth, CEO, St. Ives Laboratories, Inc. (F-500)

Tom’s mentoring and leadership has had a profound impact in my life professionally and personally. I consider him one of the best mentors I have ever had.

Tom’s leadership does many things but most importantly he helps bring out and refine attributes that are necessary to being a leader in any organization or profession.

Robert F. Griffith, R.N., CCRN, CFRN

In a mode of cross-functional teaming Jim included operations, sales, marketing and finance with a bias for action and results, and a solid organizational understanding. Unique, and possibly due to his background as a firefighter, Jim always maintained perspective and was a voice of reason with the group. Problem solving seemed to come naturally!

Richard J. Hynes, President, International Business, Alberto Culver Co. (F-500)

Tom has been a great mentor for a number of years. Rather than giving me an answer on how to handle a particular issue he helped me develop “My own” response that fits my leadership style.

By asking questions he forced me to look beyond preconceived notions I may have had thus looking at a challenge from a broader perspective which then opens up other potential options in how to handle a situation. I am now able to take this same process and use it with other I work with to now help them develop their leadership style.

Bryan Pond, R.N., CCRN, CFRN

A remarkable and innovative job of managing risk, with utmost integrity, communicating well within our company and our industry, and consistently delivered upon his commitments.

Tom Nestor, Vice President, USA Sales, Alberto Culver Co. (F-500)

Tom is not a leader who gets caught up in buzz words…he looks at an issue in a practical and sensible way and deals with it in a way that delivers the best outcome for the most stakeholders. He is personable, a great communicator, and an excellent public face for any organization…

If you are looking for a business professional who understands and can articulate the best principals of leadership, Tom is your guy.

Michael Baulch, Regional Director

I considered Jim to be a foremost expert in his unique field of the CPG industry. His passion, perseverance and code of ethics make him an exceptional business professional. His body of work in the LA Fire Department complimented the business skills over his career at Alberto Culver.

Mike Voaden – Sr. Director National Accounts, Beiersdorf, Inc., USA (F-500)

Having worked with Tom for more than four years, I can attest to his leadership and problem solving abilities. He has a knack for converting challenges into opportunities, and his enthusiasm is both infectious and motivating.

Mike Nichols, Director of Development and Outreach

Jim is a very creative thinker and problem solver. He demonstrated strength in working well with cross-functional groups, and was awarded recognitions on multiple occasions. He was a great team player, will add value to any organization, and would make an immediate impact.

Greg Price – Vice President, B & G Foods

Jim brought strong leadership and innovation to the company. He distinguished himself as a key leader, delivered to the overall growth of the company, year over year, by consistently exceeding goals set for him.

Greg Vander Velde – Director, Product Development, Alberto Culver Co. (F-500)