Setting Goals is the First Step to Achieving Them

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One reason why some people don’t achieve goals is that they don’t set goals.  There are a countless number of people who fail to achieve, or to even have goals, because they simply don’t think in a goal oriented manner.

My own experiences demonstrate that almost everything that has gone right in my life can be attributed to knowing what the goal was at the outset.  The few successes that occurred without knowing the goal really came down to hit-or-miss, or just dumb-luck – these are obviously not tools for success.

Firefighters must set goals in order to maintain a mental focus for what they need to accomplish.  This is because the firefighting environment is full of noise, distractions, and competing priorities caused by the ear piercing sound of sirens, horns blasting, radio messages, people screaming for help, the deafening roar of a large building being consumed by fire, and much more.

Setting goals is clearly important for the life and death decisions firefighters must make in the challenging environment in which they must make them.  But goals are also critical for assuring that the moment-to-moment tasks, that everyone finds themselves managing, are accomplished.

Have you ever taken on a simple task but weren’t sure of what the goal was?  Whether you were writing an email, making a phone call to a business associate, or preparing for a meeting with a client – next time, start by giving some thought as to why you are doing what you are doing?

We can all be much more productive when we take a moment to think and answer the question, “What is the goal?”  By getting into the habit of identifying the goal in everything we do, we will discover that we are not only setting goals – we are achieving goals.

You can exchange the word “goal” with words like objective, needs, wants, hopes, and dreams.  These are all goals, and you can only achieve them if you first focus on the desired outcome.  Without goals people can sometimes find themselves stranded on the “road of life” – which is just as undesirable as being stranded anywhere.

Defining the goal, no matter what it is, will provide focus and prevent you from feeling as though you are going nowhere.  When you develop the habit of goal oriented thinking and decision making the outcome will be much like getting into your car and, just by force of habit, you check the gas gauge to be certain that you will make it to your destination.

It doesn’t matter what the goal is, or what you call it.  Whether small and simple or big and complex, goal setting is a powerful process that turns your vision of success into reality.

About the Author:

Tom Pandola is a Leadership Trainer and Consultant delivering real word leadership principles to individuals, business teams and organizations. After 25 years with the LAFD and serving as a captain and battalion chief, Tom moved on to business leadership positions and discovered how the same principles that allowed him to successfully lead others to navigate the dangers and challenges of firefighting and rescue operations, also produces success in everyday business.

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