Third Alarm Class 1 Business Solutions will infuse your organization with lasting individual, team, and organizational performance excellence.

Third Alarm Keynote Topics include:

  • Your Secret Formula for Success – Experience Success Like Never Before
  • Mission-Vision-Values – Three Easy Steps to Create the Organization You Want
  • Goal Assurance System – Find Your Focus and Get Things Done
  • Inspiring a “Will Do” Attitude – Create Heroes Where There Were Only Employees
  • Big Fires Start Small – Stoking Your Flame of Passion for Life

CPR for Business Keynote

This presentation is a great way to “light a fire under your business!”  It is a multi-media presentation that touches on how to improve accountability, discovering and implementing best practices, customer service, communications, morale, motivation, productivity, teamwork, and work ethic.

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Command, Plan and Respond are three simple steps that serve as a mental checklist for critical thinking during stressful and unfamiliar situations. These strategic steps give anyone the power to succeed at any task, occupation, profession, or position.

With exciting and motivating lessons from the world of firefighting as a backdrop, audience members see how this type of CPR represents a strategic thought process that is relevant in meeting their daily business challenges.

Review and Revise Workshop

Also referred to as R2 – this easy two-step process is an effective way to create success from failure, and to ensure that successes are repeated as best practices.

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The audience learns how to infuse the Review and Revise Process into their work culture.  Continuous incremental improvement and the discovery of best practices will be commonplace once this process becomes an expectation for every individual, team, and the entire organization.

Goal Assurance System (GAS) Workshop

This workshop focuses on goal achievement. Everyday a countless number of people fail to achieve goals because they don’t think in a goal oriented manner. Third Alarm’s GAS process puts goal setting and achievement into your employees’ work ethic.

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Utilizing the same type of goal oriented thinking that firefighters must employ; your audiences learn how to get things done even in an environment of noise, distractions, and competing priorities.  People learn to define and focus on the goal quickly, utilize the SIZE-UP Planning Process to create a plan, respond with a “Will Do” focus to the plan, and then review the outcome.  Their final step is a call-to-action by revising any part of their plan that isn’t working, leading to ultimate success – goal achieved!

Coaching and Consulting

The “Class 1 Culture” is defined as an organization that is dedicated to be the best that it can be. This way of thinking starts with your top leadership, and ultimately reaches down to each and every member of an organization.

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Targeted coaching and consulting for executives, managers, and their teams gives them tools to improve operational processes, empower people, and transform an organization’s culture.  The process begins by uncovering the root causes for the problem areas that undermine performance.  We formulate customized solutions that are focused on producing the cultural, leadership, and workforce results desired.