Light a Fire under Your Business:
How to Build a Class 1 Corporate Culture through Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership:
Leaders must earn trust to become influential.
This influence will serve to convince and inspire
others to believe that achieving difficult goals is possible.

Two firefighters-turned-management-consultants provide organizations with an innovative way to transform executives into inspirational leaders. Authors Tom Pandola and Jim Bird discovered that the management and leadership principles they relied on for success and survival during their firefighting careers also lead to success in business—and in life. The book they wrote on the basis of that realization is for people who face challenges in their business or personal lives, for those who feel a sense of purpose is missing in their work, and, especially, for every senior management team in search of a winning corporate culture. Book Website

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Book Features
• Shows how to inspire passion in your workforce
• Explores what ordinary people need to do to deliver extraordinary results
• Raises the stakes of the business game by equating success with survival—something firefighters do every day
• Employs numerous examples from the business world as well as from firefighting
• Presents applications that have been proven through the authors’ consulting business

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Ordinary to Extraordinary:
Create the expectation that everyone is
continuously improving, incrementally, every day.

Expand Comfort Zones:
With the appropriate guidance and safeguards,
people can reach new levels of performance,
professional growth, and trust in leadership.