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Discover how to improve your process with influential leadership skills, a success formula for critical thinking, and a simple yet effective process to predict the future you want!

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Discover the power of a high performance team, handle a crisis like the “business firefighter” you need to be, and build a workforce with an uncontrollable desire to achieve goals!

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Learn how to transform the culture of your organization by thinking differently to bring about improvements to accountability, best practices, communications, customer service, morale, motivation, productivity, teamwork, and work ethic!

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Tom Pandola is co-author of the newly released book Light a Fire under Your Business: How to Build a Class 1 Corporate Culture through Inspirational Leadership. He is a 25 year firefighting veteran and former battalion chief with the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Following his firefighting career he went on to serve in various business leadership positions where he discovered his secret to success.

What he discovered is that the same management and leadership principles that created success in his firefighting career, also created success in his business career. Tom now shares with companies and organizations this new way of thinking that focuses on improving your process, empowering your people, and transforming your culture.

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If you are looking to book a speech, workshop, or a consulting/coaching session – you can start to light a fire under your business today by providing your team with the same proven management, leadership and success principles that have the power to continuously improve business operations, personnel motivation, and the bottom-line.

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ligh-a-fire-under-your-business-leadership-management-consultingLight a Fire under Your Business:
How to Build a Class 1 Corporate Culture through Inspirational Leadership

Two firefighters-turned-management-consultants provide organizations with an innovative way to transform executives into inspirational leaders.  Authors Tom Pandola and Jim Bird discovered that the management and leadership principles they relied on for success and survival during their firefighting careers also lead to success in business—and in life.

The book they wrote on the basis of that realization is for people who face challenges in their business or personal lives, for those who feel a sense of purpose is missing in their work, and, especially, for every senior management team in search of a winning corporate culture…

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